Why The Transgender Support

This is the post excerpt.



Why have I started this blog, well I have noticed we transgenders have been trying to fit into other communities, to fight for acceptance we have forgotten our basic rights. There are many transgenders out there that struggle to either get support from the authorities or others scared of being outed, so I decided to start a independent support to help those that need or seek advice and support, so they can either overcome daily issues or learn about themselves.

Life is a individual journey we all must walk and there is no need to be alone in a world that is judgmental and pumping ideology into our heads.



Author: transgender places4spaces

I am a pre operation transgender with many years experience of dealing with the daily struggles or should say had my struggles and came through it all. I would love to help those that are in hiding or require advice and support from a experience transgender from how to approaching doctors to buying clothes and doing make up to blend into society.

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