Laundry & Storage

I found some people in hiding tend to find washing the clothes difficult, especially if they are living with family that don’t approve of transgenderism, So how do many in hiding wash their clothes is it through friends or stealth? Why throw clothes away which is costly or do people wait with the purge!

Another issue I found is summer time when its holiday time with the family, I myself years ago had to throw my clothes away, out of the car so I wouldn’t get caught  cross dressing. Used to brake my heart throwing my clothes away.91ba4865dd9a8cea9c3a9585be3440a3

Shopping without Fear

Shopping for a transgender that’s just starting out on their experiences can be challenging at best,  the things that go through the mind such as;

Will they judge me

Will they know me

Will they refuse to serve me if its obvious I am buying for myself.

The answer to this problem, is it is all in the mind because society only lives by 2 genders in the west we are taught narrow visions, so to over come the problem which relates to fear, is to train the mind to be confident.

When I started shopping, I was omg I am scared so I overcame this by thinking;

I am unique, I am special because I dress for me not others.

They wont refuse me a sale as they will lose sales income.

No one will care and if their is a issue and your terrified make up a someones birthday excuse.

All my years since I have had only one sales attendant give me a horrible look and I soon changed her look when I asked her to take the look off her face or get the manager as I was making a complaint rather than continuing a sale transaction.

You just need to train the mind because for all transgenders it is your passage of rights to buy any item you want to buy and don’t anyone tell you different.



Why The Transgender Support

This is the post excerpt.


Why have I started this blog, well I have noticed we transgenders have been trying to fit into other communities, to fight for acceptance we have forgotten our basic rights. There are many transgenders out there that struggle to either get support from the authorities or others scared of being outed, so I decided to start a independent support to help those that need or seek advice and support, so they can either overcome daily issues or learn about themselves.

Life is a individual journey we all must walk and there is no need to be alone in a world that is judgmental and pumping ideology into our heads.